Welcome to Domu Prexada B&B

We’re excited to have you as our guest and want to make sure you have a fantastic stay. Here are a few important details to ensure everyone’s comfort and maintain our beautiful surroundings. The last part is dedicated to some tips and addresses.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Google map: https://g.page/DomuPrexada 

Coordinates: 39.26506973293976, 9.319428779956882

To reach us, follow these instructions: Please note that your navigation system may not give accurate route information for the last 300 metres, as the dirt road leading to our gate has No Name.

When you’re on the SS125, travelling away from Cagliari, you will pass Diverland Water Park at KM18. Within another 2km, just after you pass through a set of curves, turn off to your right at the white building. Carry on for 230 metres until you come up to a fork in the road at the burgundy letterboxes. Take the right-hand turn, keeping on the paved road.

Keep going for another 500 metres, past a few properties on your left, and then turn left onto the wide dirt road when you see the sign for a river crossing.

Don’t cross the dry riverbed. Keep it on your right-hand side. You are on the home strait.

Domu Prexad is the 4th house along this road, on a corner. You will see a grey wall with a black gate. Proceed to the 2nd gate (gray), where you will find the sign for Domu Prexada.

You have arrived!

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Check-in is done in person and by prior appointment. A tour of the villa with explanations on how it works is provided.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Check-out time is strictly 10:00, especially during busy periods. 

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

There is a key for the gate (round one) and for the main door (round one) and then for each of the room (square one). To lock the room doors, please lift the handle, except for Room 4.

A fee of €10 will be charged for each lost key


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Tourist tax is 1,5€ per person above 12 years old per night

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

As per Italian legislation, we are required to register all guests. To simplify the process, we will take a picture of you upon arrival, which will be promptly deleted. Only registered guests are allowed access to the property.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Please inform us in advance if you plan to bring any pets with you. Cats are not allowed, but small dogs are welcome. Kindly ensure that your dog respects the plants by not digging, and please clean up after your dog in the common areas such as the pool and the lower part of the garden. Alternatively, you can bring your dog to the upper part of the garden.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Free parking is available inside the gate for up to four cars. Please refrain from 


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Smoking is only permitted outside the house. It is strictly prohibited in the rooms. Ashtrays are provided around the house (in clay pots). Please do not throw cigarettes outside due to the risk of fire.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Each room is equipped with air conditioning, and the remote control can be found on the door. We kindly request that you use the air conditioning only when you are in the room with the doors and windows closed, setting the temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. 

During the day, you can roll down the blind on the door and keep all windows closed to keep the heat out.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Please ensure that you separate plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, organic waste, and undifferentiated waste and dispose of them in the appropriate bins located in the “summer house” on the pool terrace.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

The Wi-Fi networks available are “DomuPrexada” and “Starlink,” with the password : Pomme77Api

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Mosquito repellent diffusers are provided in the rooms, and you can plug them in when you are inside.

Refills, coils, and sprays are available upon request

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Hair dryer can be found in the summer house


Any hygiene products left behind are placed in the summer house for next customers.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Please note that the water in our B&B is filtered but not potable.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Please refrain from throwing anything in the toilet (no toilet paper, no tampons or wet towels)

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Towels should not be used to wipe the floor or remove makeup, as some stains are difficult to remove. We keep available to propose you with alternatives


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Please exercise caution as the terrace can be slippery when wet.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

We kindly request that you shower before entering the pool to remove sweat and excess sunscreen. It is advisable to apply sunscreen only after swimming. Additionally, please clean your feet before entering the pool

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Children are the responsibility of their accompanying adults. For your information, the pool depth is 1.50m

We ask that you keep the pool filter free of anything that could cause an obstruction. Inflatables should not be left in the pool when not in use. Food and drinks are not permitted inside the pool, and throwing stones into the pool is strictly prohibited.

Respect the plants on the edge of the pool: access to the pool from the planted side is forbidden. 

Do not swim when there is the cleaning robot in action.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

It is mandatory to use beach towels when using the deckchairs, chairs, and sofas by the pool.

Cushions and parasols are available in the Summer House. Please return them to their place after use.

In the event of wind, parasols must be closed.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

We are pleased to offer an info point where we can share our knowledge of the local area. After a few questions, I’ll do my best to tailor a special place for you to visit. Alternatively in the Summer House you can find some flyers or guide book that you can freely borrow.

We can also provide information on activities, tours, typical cooking classes, and sailing trips. Additionally, we offer massage and wellness treatments.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

There are umbrella, goggles, snorkels, and scuba equipment are available in the summer house. For children, there is a sand bucket and shovel.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

coal and cleaning is not included in the rental price. Cleaning includes cleaning the grills and tiles and pouring the ashes into the bucket). The material for grilling and cleaning is provided.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

We prioritize ecological choices when it comes to cleaning products, and we practice separate waste collection. 

Our furniture is second-hand, and we incorporate upcycling and recycling in our decoration.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

We also prioritize local products and are a member of a food cooperative called Mesa Noa.

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Furthermore, we utilize solar panels for electricity and water heating

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

We manage our water resources by reusing water in the garden.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

If you require any assistance during your stay, please do not hesitate to ask. (after it’s too late!)
If you notice anything not working or have any concerns, please inform us so that we can promptly address the issue. 

We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve our services.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

For addresses and directions to places of interest, restaurants, and itineraries, please refer to this map: https://goo.gl/maps/1JApMtUnoQtHT4976

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Car, scooter, and boat rentals can be found at Cagliari Rent. Their address is Via Serchio n° 139, at the marina of Capitana, Quartu Sant’Elena. You can contact them at +39 3297714150.


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

The nearest ATM is located in Maracalagonis, at Banca di Sardegna and Posta Italiana

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

For pharmacy services, you can find one in Maracalagonis o Flumini (Farmacia Perra https://goo.gl/maps/GrFb4mNZcxmNGTc59)


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

A small mini-market nearby, called Il Frutteto, offers bar, restaurant, and pizzeria services. https://goo.gl/maps/KyH658HdKRkMNkZq8  


For locally grown fruits and vegetable, cheese, olive oil, wine, etc: Azienda del Sole. You can mention my name


for a wider selection Azienda Agricola Cabras Francesco however not all produce are sardinian. You can mention my name



For larger supermarket options, there is a Coop located at Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 165, Quartu Sant’Elena, (https://goo.gl/maps/jjHyVGFQX12feMod7 )  and a Lidl at SP15, 15 Snc, Settimo San Pietro (https://goo.gl/maps/zPacS8tSL8srydtHA  ). 

Additionally, CONAD SUPERSTORE can be found at Via Guglielmo Marconi, Quartu Sant’Elena https://goo.gl/maps/icPatXnuLJUqZADs5

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Closest restaurants:
Il frutteto: SS 125 Orientale Sarda, km 22+400, Maracalagonis
tel +39 070755064
local bar, pizzeria and restaurant. very convenient as the closest

Mammai: Via Tirso, 2, Quartu Sant’Elena
tel+39 070 592 9786

Victory by Lord Nelson: Via Serchio, 139, Quartu Sant’Elena
tel+39 346 156 2849
Located in the Marina of Capitana, this restaurant offer a wide range of options. Quiet area.

If you are looking for busier place, the Poetto beach offer a wide selection from chic: La Marinella Viale Golfo di Quartu, 47, Quartu Sant’Elena tel+39 327 737 3110

To more layback : Colibrì Beach Club & Bistró
Viale Golfo di Quartu, Quartu Sant’Elena
tel+39 393 886 7175

Da Secondo
Via Cagliari, 49, Maracalagonis
tel +39 3404808648
local pizzeria with hand made wooden sculpture. make sure you try the local beer: Barley!

Pizzeria Brown (take away no delivery)
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 219, Quartu Sant’Elena
tel +39 070891780


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Tomba dei giganti Is concias (4km )


Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Watterfall San Pietro Paradiso


may not exist in july, august and september du to lack of water

Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

Parco dei 7 Fratelli (trekking) several well traced path starting from 2 hours



Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa

When returning from Villasimius, please check Google for any traffic updates. If there is congestion, I recommend taking a shortcut on the SS554 Var highway from the exit shown in the picture.


 Follow the directions provided in this itinerary: https://goo.gl/maps/wv1j114FehbEGpjp6

Please note that this route includes a dirt road, so it’s important to drive slowly. However, by taking this shortcut, you can avoid waiting in line with other cars.



Domu Prexada South Sardegna Villa


Spiaggia di Poetto (18 km): Poetto is a long, sandy beach known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively beach clubs. It is popular among locals and tourists alike.In case of Sirocco (south wind), the beach will be filled with any kind wind surfing activities.

On the way to Villasimius

Spiaggia di Mari Pintau (21 km): This beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and fine white sand. The beach itself has small rocks. It offers excellent wind protection 

Choose the far end of the beach on your left when you enter to have the most of the sand and be able to snorkel in the rocks.

Spiaggia di Geremeas, Kale’e Moru, Baccu Mandara, Torre delle Stelle (22 to 27km): With its long stretch of golden sand, these beaches located one after the other are  perfect for leisurely walks. They boast soft sand and shallow, calm waters, making them a popular choice for families with children. 

Specificity: Baccu Mandara has a curve at the end that allow to watch sun set (almost on the sea)

Spiaggia di Solanas (32km with coastal road and 36km with highway): A lovely sandy beach with clear waters, Solanas is well-known for its tranquility. Depending on weather conditions, you may encounter gentle waves that add an element of playful excitement. It’s important to note that due to its swift descent, this beach is not recommended for small children


Smoking is prohibited outside of authorized and designated areas. Animals are prohibited except in authorized and designated areas, or from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. It is strictly forbidden to take sand, seashells, pebbles, etc. Bringing and using plastic bags, containers, and disposable dishes or any other non-biodegradable material on the beach is prohibited. Fines range from 25 to 500 euros.


Spiaggia di Simius (47km with coastal road and 52km with highway): Simius Beach is a postcard-perfect stretch of soft, golden sand that gently slopes into the clear turquoise waters. The beach is framed by lush Mediterranean vegetation, creating a picturesque backdrop. With its calm and shallow waters, it’s an ideal spot for families and relaxation.


Spiaggia di Porto Giunco (44km with coastal road and 53km with highway): Porto Giunco Beach is a true gem, featuring fine white sand and pristine waters that shimmer in various shades of blue and green. Surrounded by dunes and juniper trees, it offers a scenic and tranquil environment. You can also catch a glimpse of the iconic pink flamingos in the nearby saltwater lagoon. It offers excellent wind protection and is often considered one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches. If you go early, pick you spot on the left side past the rocks. You can enjoy the privacy of a small beach with good snorkeling.


The path to reach the beach runs along the Notteri pond, located behind the beach, chosen as a habitat by pink flamingos and other migratory birds. A sandy tongue separates the two bodies of water, the sea and the Notteri pond, earning this beach the nickname “of the two seas.” It represents an excellent example of a transitional ecosystem as this sand tongue separates the pond from the sea. Porto Giunco is bordered by dunes covered with juniper trees, lentisks, and Mediterranean scrubland. From the parking area, there is a trail that leads up to the southwest promontory, where the impressive nine-meter-high tower of Porto Giunco stands as a seventeenth-century reminder of defense against pirate attacks from the sea. From up there, you will enjoy a stunning panorama.


Spiaggia di Punta Molentis (52km with coastal road and 54km with highway): Punta Molentis Beach is a secluded paradise characterized by its white sand, granite rocks, and crystal-clear waters. The beach is nestled in a cove, providing a sense of privacy and serenity. Snorkelers will be delighted by the underwater beauty and vibrant marine lifeLocated at the mouth of the Rio Trottu, it is characterized by the presence of an abandoned granite quarry. The name of the beach derives from “su molentu,” which means “the donkey,” the means by which the extracted material from the nearby granite quarry was transported. The peculiar crescent or arc shape of the beach seems to connect two stretches of land, making the beach quite sheltered from the winds. On one side, it is enclosed by a low promontory that thins out into a cliff, while on the other side, there is a cluster of rocks along with dense Mediterranean vegetation. It is a small and unique beach, and since 2019, access has been limited during the high season. This restrictive measure has been implemented to protect the ecosystem of the area from excessive tourist influx.


Price for 2023
Entrance: Maximum 500 people 
Parking fee: 
Car 10 euros (6 euros after 4:00 PM) 
Motorcycles: 5 euros 
Entrance fee: 1 euro per passenger (free for children under 6 years old) 
Entrance fee for bicycles and pedestrians: 3 euros


Spiaggia di Campus (38km with coastal road and 42km with highway): Campus Beach offers a long stretch of soft sand bordered by dunes and vegetation. The shallow waters are ideal for families and those who enjoy wading in the sea. The beach provides a relaxing setting for sunbathing and taking leisurely walks along the shorelin


Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi (36km with coastal road and 40km with highway): Porto Sa Ruxi Beach is known for its natural beauty and untouched surroundings. 

This beach is in a typical Mediterranean setting, nestled between cliffs and characterized by white sandy dunes held in place by ancient juniper trees. This environment, known as “Coastal Dunes with Juniperus spp.,” is of priority interest for its high environmental value, being representative of the non-degraded Mediterranean scrubland, and conservation actions are underway for its preservation.


Price for 2023
Entrance: Maximum 450 people 
Parking fee: 
Car 10 euros (6 euros after 4:00 PM) 
Motorcycles: 5 euros 
Entrance fee: 1 euro per passenger (free for children under 6 years old) 
Entrance fee for bicycles and pedestrians: 3 euros


Beach in Costa Rei

Spiaggia di Cala Sinzias (44 km): This long and wide sandy beach offers breathtaking turquoise waters and fine white sand. It’s ideal for families and provides excellent swimming conditions. The shallow water gradually deepens, making it suitable for children.


Spiaggia di Santa Giusta (47km): Situated in a sheltered bay, Santa Giusta beach boasts calm waters and soft golden sand. It’s a perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing, with a peaceful atmosphere that makes it popular among visitors seeking tranquility.


Spiaggia di Piscina Rei (50km): One of the most famous beaches in Costa Rei, Piscina Rei showcases a long stretch of golden sand and shallow turquoise waters. the calmness of the sea, making it a favorite for families with young children.


Spiaggia di Cala Pira (46km): Surrounded by striking granite rocks, Cala Pira exudes natural beauty. The beach features soft sand, crystal-clear waters, and a small island just off the coast, creating a picturesque setting for sunbathing and swimming.


Spiaggia di Scoglio di Peppino (47km): This beach is characterized by rocky outcrops and small sandy bays. It’s a great spot for snorkeling, as the clear waters are teeming with colorful marine life. The unique rock formations add a touch of rugged charm to the coastline.

Spiaggia di Feraxi (42km with  windy but beautiful road in the mountain and 60km with highway and loads of tunnel without traffic it takes the same time): Located a short distance from Costa Rei, Feraxi beach offers a more secluded experience. With a mix of sand dunes and shallow waters, it’s an excellent choice for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat. The left part of the beach is reserved for naturists.

West Coast beaches: Chia and Teulada 

Spiaggia Su Giudeu (78km): Su Giudeu is a stunning beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine golden sand. It is characterized by its iconic sand dunes and picturesque small lagoon. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, creating a tranquil and natural setting.


Cala Cipolla (79km): Cala Cipolla is a small and secluded beach nestled between rocky cliffs. It offers breathtaking views of the sea and has clear waters ideal for snorkeling. The beach is known for its tranquility and unspoiled natural surroundings.


Tuerredda (81 km)

It is renowned for its stunning beauty and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The beach is characterized by its soft, white sand and a picturesque landscape that includes rocky outcrops and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Tuerredda Beach is known for its unique shape, resembling a half-moon or arc, which creates a sheltered bay.

It’s a popular destination, so arriving early is recommended. 


Price for 2023
Entrance: Maximum 1,100 people, including 729 free spots on the beach and 371 spots for establishments. 
Entrance fee: free
Parking cost: 7 euros (nearest parking) 
Reservations can only be made for equipped beach areas. For the public beach, only first-come, first-served basis is followed. 
For reservations at establishments: Poséidon 3397246817 Tropico mediterraneo 3485665502 
To check the real-time availability of spots: https://tuerredda.spacli.